WordPress Butwal

In the context of rare or no such open source communities being there in the western part of Nepal. Two visionary leading software engineers, Madhav Dhungana and Prakash Chettri, ignited the spark to give back to the community that evolved into the revolutionary WordPress Butwal community in 2017.

Under the unwavering leadership of Madhav Dhungana, this dynamic emerging community has achieved unparalleled heights, leaving an indelible mark among the WordPress users and IT scenario working in web engineering, security, digital marketing and the entrepreneurial landscape.

With unwavering dedication, WordPress Butwal has orchestrated a staggering 35 meetup events, drawing in a thriving network of over 400 active members. A beacon of knowledge, this community is relentlessly fostering connections between academia, industry, and enthusiasts alike, cementing its role as the gateway to endless possibilities that can be achieved with WordPress.

But that’s not all – WordPress Butwal boasts an entrepreneurial spirit that sets it apart from the rest. Their emphasis on entrepreneurship has paved the way for the birth of more than 5 successful startups, a testament to their unyielding support for aspiring business minds. Mentorship opportunities have been provided to hundreds of members, nurturing their careers and fostering professional growth.

A crowning achievement for WordPress Butwal came in the form of the groundbreaking WordCamp Butwal 2020, an unprecedented event that captured the hearts and minds of WordPress and other enthusiasts across Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Japan etc.. as it was the first of its kind of event in Nepal’s western region. Their grand success set new standards, pushing the boundaries of what a community could achieve if worked with a common team spirit and an open mind to give back to the community.

Beyond borders, WordPress Butwal collaborates, contributes, and connects with other WordPress communities throughout Nepal. Their members have been instrumental speakers, organizers, and volunteers at communities like WordPress Pokhara and WordPress Kathmandu, showcasing the true spirit of unity, collaboration and giving back to the community.

As they continue to pay it forward, WordPress Butwal’s commitment to giving back to the community stands unparalleled. Through their numerous contributions and events, they have become the epitome of selflessness, a beacon of inspiration for others to follow.

WordPress Butwal community stands as an ever-evolving community where learning, sharing, and community contribution thrive. WordPress Butwal is establishing a true sense of giving back to the community with these all contributions and events. WordPress Butwal is expecting its second WordCamp.

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